"Helping children meet their greatest expectations in everyday life."
child with disability playing


About paediatric occupational therapy 

At therakids a paediatric occupational therapist helps children participate in everyday activities to the very best of their ability. Some of these everyday activities and skills include:
Fine motor skills 
Holding a pencil, drawing, colouring, writing, and typing on a computer
Cutting with scissors
Art and craft
Playing with small objects (beads, blocks, puzzles)
Opening jars, turning taps, and using cutlery
Gross motor skills 
Rolling, crawling, walking, jumping, climbing, hopping 
Playing on outdoor equipment, participating in sports
Balance, coordination, strength, agility, endurance
Planning and sequencing movement
Feeling calm, focused, and ready to learn
Managing emotions and behaviour
Paying attention
Managing activity levels
Developing self-awareness
Processing sensory information (touch, taste, sight, smell, sound, movement)
Social skills & play 
Building healthy relationships with family and friends
Taking turns and sharing
Developing prosocial skills i.e. empathy and compassion
Making and keeping friends
Playing creatively with friends and family
Self-care skills
Bathing, washing, brushing teeth, and hair
Organisation skills
Managing transitions and changes in routines 
Following instructions
Preparing for activities
Looking after and managing belongings