Enter into your child's play and you will find the place where their mind, heart, and spirit meet.

child therapy

Adapted from Virigina Axline (1964)

therakids provides paediatric therapy services to help children and families meet their greatest expectations in everyday life.

Welcome to therakids

Occupational Therapy

Play Therapy

Mental health

Who is therakids?
therakids is owned and run by Jessie, an experienced paediatric occupational therapist and play therapist who is committed to providing fun, innovative, and evidence-based therapy services to preschool and primary school-aged children. Jessie also provides consultancy and training services to health and educational organisations.
The therakids approach
therakids provides services where it counts the most - at home, at preschool or school, and within the community. Jessie is a family-centred practitioner, who believes that parents and carers are the experts in their child. Jessie works closely with other members of the team - families, teachers, carers, and other health professionals, to foster each child's learning and growth, and nurture meaningful relationships.

Jessie has experience supporting children aged 3-12 with:

Autism spectrum disorders
Attention deficit disorders
Sensory processing challenges
Attachment disorders
Physical, sexual, emotional abuse & neglect  
Divorce, separation & family dynamics
Developmental co-ordination disorder
Down syndrome
Developmental delay
Chronic illness & medical anxiety
Adoption & fostering difficulties
Excessive fear, worry, shyness & stress
Poor self-esteem and self-confidence 
Grief & loss
Social, emotional & behavioural challenges
Learning and attention difficulties
Self-regulation challenges
Fine & gross motor delays
Bullying & school adjustment
Delays in play
Sleep, toileting & dressing difficulties